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Because we want you to be able to enjoy your well-deserved vacation from the very first moment.

But especially with your own vacation property, a relaxing vacation often has to wait a day. The apartment has to be tidied, aired and the garden watered first. The dripping tap also needs to be fixed. And where are the spare keys again?

With our all-round service on Lake Garda, you can save yourself this stress. From simple spare key storage and regular check-ups to a comprehensive service with maintenance and tax processing, we offer you the right package for you.

You don’t have to take care of anything.
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Basic Plus Professional
Spare key storage
Experienced English speaking contact person
Access to a network of trustworthy and competent craftsmen and suppliers
Housekeeping – Apartment inspection every 14 days, ventilation and emptying of letterbox
Schedule control/agreement for annual maintenance work
IMU - Real estate income tax

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Our Additional Services

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From a simple on-site contact to a 360° service, we offer you all forms of real estate support. Take a look at our service portfolio and discover the right package for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding consultation

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Cleaning Services

Cleaning service for vacation properties on Lake Garda

Experience your vacation on Lake Garda to the fullest – with our cleaning service for vacation properties. Our experienced team will ensure that your accommodation is clean and tidy when you arrive. We take care of all the work, from basic cleaning to final cleaning.

Thorough cleaning

We use the highest standards to clean your vacation property from top to bottom. Our trained team takes care of every detail, from floors and surfaces to windows and furniture. Every room is carefully cleaned and polished to a shine.

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is the heart of every vacation home. Our experts will thoroughly clean your kitchen appliances, worktops, sink and all other areas. You can rest assured that your kitchen will be spotless and ready for culinary adventures.

Bathroom cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in every bathroom. We thoroughly clean and sanitize your bathrooms to give you a refreshing experience. Our experts pay attention to every detail so you can relax in a clean and inviting space.

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With our Facility Services on Lake Garda, you can enjoy your precious time to the fullest. Let us do the work for you. Contact us today to make your booking and experience our outstanding service for yourself. Experience cleanliness, comfort and unforgettable vacations in Italy with our professional Lake Garda property management services.


The green service for your vacation home

Your garden is your personal retreat where you can relax and enjoy nature. To ensure that it shines in all its glory, regular care and beautification is required. Privis Italia is your specialist for gardening on Lake Garda. We offer you a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of garden maintenance.

Soil preparation

We ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants by removing weeds, digging or loosening the soil and adding compost or fertilizer.

Plant selection and care

We advise you on the selection of suitable plants for your garden and take care of regular maintenance, including watering, fertilizing, pruning and weed removal.

Lawn care

We mow your lawn, fertilize it, water it and scarify it to keep it healthy and green. Weed and pest control: We control weeds and pests to keep your plants healthy and vigorous.

Seasonal care

We adapt the care of your garden to the respective season, e.g. by planting seasonal flowers, pruning shrubs in winter, removing leaves in fall or protecting against frost in winter.

Enjoy the all-round service of professional care of vacation properties on Lake Garda by Privis Italia.

Residence registration

Registration service and vacation home management

Many people dream of owning their own property on Lake Garda. But the administrative work involved can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s why we offer you our professional registration service, with which you can easily fulfill all official requirements.

Registration with the authorities

We take care of the entire registration procedure with the local authorities for you. Whether it’s the residents’ registration office, the tourist office or other relevant authorities – we take care of all the necessary registrations and formalities.

Communication with the authorities

We take care of all correspondence with the authorities. Our experienced and multilingual team is in close contact with the relevant authorities to ensure that all necessary information is submitted correctly and on time.

Tax matters

We also support you with tax matters, compliance with all regulations and ensure that you are aware of all relevant tax obligations.

Updates and follow-up

Changes or updates regarding the registration of your vacation property? No worries, we keep all information up to date and take care of any follow-ups or re-registrations.

With our registration service, you can concentrate fully on your vacation while we take care of the bureaucratic matters. Save time, energy and nerves and let us take care of the registration process for you.

Contact us today to talk to us about the professional management of vacation properties on Lake Garda.

Pool service

Pool cleaning and maintenance

A vacation in Italy is a wonderful opportunity to relax and unwind. But what if you also want to relax by the pool in your vacation home?

Then our pool service is the perfect solution for you. We take care of the regular cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of your pool so that you can concentrate fully on your vacation.

Water quality control

We regularly monitor the water quality of your pool to ensure that it is crystal clear and hygienic. Our experts analyze the pH value, chlorine content and other important parameters to ensure optimal conditions for your swimming pleasure.

Cleaning and maintenance

Our team takes care of the regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool. We remove leaves, dirt and other debris, clean the filter system and ensure that all pool components are working properly. You can rest assured that your pool is always ready for a refreshing dip.


We provide professional management of pool chemicals to ensure optimum water quality. Our experts are familiar with the correct dosages and treatment methods and ensure that your pool water is clear, clean and free from unwanted bacteria or algae.

Winter care

When the season is over, we also support you with the winter maintenance of your pool. We prepare the pool for the cold months, carry out a thorough cleaning and ensure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent damage caused by frost.

With our pool service, you can relax and enjoy the luxury of a spotless pool. Contact us today to book our professional pool service and ensure your pool is in perfect condition.

Let our professional facility service on Lake Garda take care of everything.

Invoice and account management

Financial management of your dream property

Renting out a vacation property in Italy is a great way to earn money. But the administrative hassle can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you are physically away from your property.

That’s why we offer you our professional invoice management and account management service. We take care of checking and paying your invoices for you so that you can concentrate fully on your vacation property and your guests.

Invoice verification

We check every incoming invoice for accuracy. We carefully check all details, such as the amount, the services and the invoice number, to ensure that it is justified and correctly issued. In the event of discrepancies or questions, we contact the supplier directly to clarify the matter.

Payment processing

We take care of the timely payment of your invoices. You no longer have to worry about payments being overlooked or forgotten. We manage your payments professionally and ensure that all amounts due are paid on time.

Reporting and transparency

With this part of our facility services on Lake Garda, we keep you regularly informed about the status of your invoices and payments. You receive detailed reports that give you a transparent overview of all transactions carried out. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are always available to provide you with all the information you need.

With our invoice management and account management service, you can sit back, relax and rest assured that your invoices are checked correctly and payments are processed properly. We take the administrative burden off your shoulders and ensure that your financial affairs run smoothly.

Enjoy the benefits of reliable and efficient processing of your bills, without the stress of physical distance, and enjoy professional support for vacation properties on Lake Garda.

Utilities Management

Operating cost management for your vacation property

We make sure that your vacation property is only ever associated with vacations. We make sure that the energy supply works reliably and smoothly and that all bills are correct. This includes, for example, registering the energy supply, reading the meters and checking the bills. We take care of these tasks for you so that you can concentrate fully on your vacation.


We take care of registering your electricity, gas and water connections with the local utility companies. You no longer have to worry about missing deadlines or making mistakes.

Meter reading

We regularly check the readings of your energy meters to ensure that your bills are correct. You receive detailed reports on your consumption and costs.

Bill checking

We carefully check your electricity, gas and water bills to make sure they are correct. If there are any discrepancies or questions, we contact the utility companies directly to clarify and correct any errors.


If problems or disruptions occur with your energy supply, we are there to help you. We act as a local point of contact and take care of the rapid rectification of technical problems or interruptions. With our reporting service for electricity, gas and water, you can sit back, relax and trust that your energy supply is in good hands. Our facility services on Lake Garda take the administrative work off your hands and ensure that your energy matters are managed reliably and professionally.

Organization of special services / customer requirements

Exclusive service for vacation properties

Your vacation property is unique and has special requirements. We understand this and therefore our facility services on Lake Garda  offer you exclusive services to solve your wishes and problems.

Customized requirements

We respond to your individual needs and develop customized solutions that are tailored precisely to your vacation property. Whether it’s the organization of cleaning services, repairs, shopping or other special services – we are there for you.

Problem solving

If problems or challenges arise, we are there to help. We analyze the situation, look for the best solutions and do everything we can to resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently. With our experience and expertise, we always find the best way to overcome your problems.

Communication and advice

We will keep you regularly informed about the progress and implementation of our services. We are also available to offer you professional advice and help you make decisions about your vacation property. With our multilingual staff, we can also assist with any kind of language barrier.

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