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Your Trusted Letting Agent for Vacation Homes on Lake Garda

Are you looking to effortlessly market your vacation property on Lake Garda? Look no further!

Privis Italia is your premier partner for efficient vacation rental management and marketing services, ensuring a stress-free experience for property owners like you. Our goal is a stress-free experience, ensuring maximum returns on your investment in the competitive Lake Garda market.

With expertise in both management and strategic marketing, we showcase your property effortlessly, highlighting its unique features. Trust Privis Italia for a professional team that understands the Lake Garda market dynamics, offering a hassle-free journey to maximize your property’s appeal and ownership experience.

Comprehensive Services for Vacation Rentals

At Privis Italia, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer to handle local tasks yourself or opt for our full-service package, we provide the flexibility and choice you deserve.

Basis Plus Full Service
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Experienced German – Italian – English speaking contact person
Handover and return of vacation home
Processing of payment
Rental management - tourist tax / registration of guests

We are happy to advise.

Our contact partners in Garda will take care of your concerns and are always there for you on site. We will be happy to advise you - don't hesitate and simply give us a call with no obligation.

Why Choose Vacation Rental Management for Your Property

Renting out a vacation apartment on Lake Garda can be a good way to earn a passive income. Lake Garda has been growing in popularity for years, which is reflected in the increasing number of tourists around the lake. It is therefore a good time to either reduce your loan payments or to earn a return on your vacation home. In addition, the income from the rental can be used for new investments that will increase the overall value of your property in the long term.

However, renting out your vacation property can involve a lot of effort. Marketing, bookings, maintenance, guest arrivals and departures, cleaning and the Italian bureaucracy, which should not be underestimated, can be daunting at first. But that shouldn’t stop you from considering the advantages of renting out your vacation property. We at Privis Italia are happy to take the hassle off your hands. Don’t have the time or inclination to take care of the rental yourself? No problem, our property management is the solution for you.

Why Privis Italia is
Your Ideal Partner

As a team of seasoned real estate experts, we understand the region and the needs of guests. Our goal is to provide all-round support, allowing your vacation property to stand for relaxation, not stress. Privis Italia takes care of the details, from organizing cleanings, rentals and customers to navigating Italian tax laws, so you can focus on what matters most.

Local Expertise, customized solutions

Our employees are not only experts in their specialist areas, but also have local roots. With many years of experience on the ground, they not only understand the specific needs of our customers, but can also react flexibly to local conditions. This proximity to the community not only creates trust, but also enables us to offer tailor-made solutions. All in all, this means real added value for our customers through effective and sustainable cooperation.

A strong local network

With a strong local network and reliable partners on Lake Garda, we provide comprehensive support for your vacation property. Through our partnerships with estate agents, craftsmen and local experts, we guarantee up-to-date market information, value retention and a quick response to individual requirements. Whether management, rental or maintenance – we are your independent partner on Lake Garda.

English-speaking support

With an English-speaking team, we can ensure that you can communicate in your native language, be it when managing your vacation property, clarifying questions about local regulations or organizing services. This not only creates clarity, but also promotes a deeper understanding of your individual wishes.

Our English-speaking staff are not only there for the linguistic connection, but also understand the cultural nuances and specific requirements that English-speaking clients appreciate. This allows us to offer you a tailored and personalized service that will make your stay or the management of your property on Lake Garda pleasant and efficient.

Expertise in tax law

With us, service does not end at the front door of your vacation property – we offer you comprehensive support that goes far beyond administration. Our dedicated employees are not only experts in local law on Lake Garda, but also well-versed advisors in tax law and legal regulations. Should tax or legal issues arise, our employees are there for you. We know the local regulations and can help you quickly and easily.

Benefits of Vacation Rental Management
on Lake Garda

Time and effort

We take over the complete management of your vacation apartment. Save yourself time and money and leave everything to us. After all, it’s called passive income.

Increasing property value

We take care of the marketing and letting of your property. Demand generates a higher valuation of your property. And the income generated can be invested in the property. This increases the value of your property.

Full control

Our experienced team is your local contact. With property management from Privis Italia, you have full control. On the one hand, your property is regularly inspected and inspected, and on the other hand, you can now generate income with your property. What’s wrong with that now?

Contact Privis Italia Today

Ready to explore stress-free property management services? Contact Privis Italia today for a no-obligation discussion. Our English-speaking team is eager to understand your needs and tailor the perfect solution for your property on Lake Garda.

Vacation Rental Services

Bookable from
Preparation and Authorizations


In principle, anyone is permitted to operate a vacation property in Italy. Nevertheless, you need to register your business correctly. We will assist you with all bureaucratic issues and ensure that your property is properly registered.

Obligations and permits

If your property requires a permit, we will support you in obtaining all the necessary documents. The rental of vacation apartments in Italy is subject to a number of obligations, such as registering all guests within 48 hours. Here, too, we help you to keep track of everything and are happy to clarify with you which tasks we can take on for you.

Home staging and content creation

Our local network also includes interior design experts and professional photographers. If your vacation property is still missing the finishing touches or authentic furnishings, we can quickly remedy the situation. Professional images can also be created for rental purposes, which can significantly increase the likelihood of your property being let.

Advertising and Marketing

Online presence

We make your property visible. With high-quality photos and suitable texts, we create multilingual entries on all common booking platforms. We pay attention not only to a complete listing of your facilities and amenities, but also to attractive formulation and an appealing selection of photos.

Competitive prices

In direct consultation with you, we create a realistic asking price that covers your desired rental period. This allows you to respond to seasonal peaks in demand and make the off-season more attractive through clear pricing.

Continuous adjustment

We regularly check the presence of your property and update any changes immediately. This ensures that guests always have the latest information about your property.

Booking Management

 By far the most time-consuming task for vacation rental companies. Sit back and relax while we take care of this task for you.

Booking calendar and inquiries

We manage and update your property’s booking calendar, accept bookings, inquiries or cancellations and manage current orders. By using a channel manager, we keep the booking data up to date across all platforms and ensure that bookings are processed professionally.

Booking options

We create flexible booking options to increase the attractiveness of the vacation property. We also take into account special seasonal features such as a minimum booking period during peak periods. All options are always communicated transparently to guests.

House rules and contracts

By drawing up house rules and ready-made contracts, you protect yourself and your property. Thanks to our local network, we guarantee legally flawless contracts that can be drawn up in several languages.

Property and Facility Management

Maintenance and upkeep

Paying guests expect a fully functional vacation home. Our professional property management ensures satisfied guests. Regular inspections, ventilation, maintenance of technical equipment and plant watering guarantee that your vacation property is in the best hands. And your guests a vacation without any nasty surprises.


A clean, inviting property is essential for your guests to feel at home right from the start. We offer all types of cleaning services. From weekly maintenance cleaning to special cleaning such as facade, window or basic cleaning. Improve the condition of your property and increase your guest satisfaction.

Garden maintenance

Especially in the summer months, life on Lake Garda takes place mainly outside. An attractive garden not only delights your guests, but can also significantly increase your rental income. Let your garden blossom.

Handyman coordination

Minor repairs or maintenance cannot be avoided in real estate. From a distance, however, even small incidents can cost a lot of time and nerves. We are happy to coordinate tradesmen on site and handle jobs on your behalf. All with full transparency and documentation.

Guest Management
Full Service

Check-In and Check-Out

Of course you can also welcome your guests to your vacation apartment in person. However, you are welcome to hand over this task to us. We will welcome your guests on site, take care of the necessary identification and registration with the local authorities, provide the keys or access code for your property and provide information about your accommodation. After check-out, we check the apartment for possible damage, forgotten valuables, etc.

Contact person for guests

We also act as a point of contact for your guests during their stay. Local tips and recommendations, emergency contact information or duplicate keys in case of loss. Your guests can contact us at any time. This service is also ideal for communicating to your guests and represents real added value for them.

Cleaning and laundry

First impressions count. For your guests too. With our cleaning and laundry service, your guests will find a clean vacation apartment and freshly made beds.

Key storage

Simply keep your spare key with us. This way the key is always on site and cannot get lost.

Invoice and payment management

Account management and invoicing

We record all relevant accounting data for you, including bookings, prices, taxes and fees. Detailed invoices with a clear breakdown of costs demonstrate professional processing to your customers. Invoices are sent securely and efficiently.

Payment methods and processing

We create maximum flexibility for your guests with various payment methods. We also communicate clear payment deadlines and terms and follow up on outstanding payments or send reminders in the event of late payment. All invoices and payments are carefully documented by us.

Refunds and cancelations

Prompt refunds according to the agreed terms increase customer satisfaction and can generate future bookings. We will draw up clear cancellation guidelines and process them for you.

Tax matters

Taking into account all local regulations, we apply all taxes and duties correctly. Careful archiving and documentation of all relevant documents helps with the annual tax return. We are also happy to assist you with this.

We are happy to advise.

Our contact partners in Garda will take care of your concerns and are always there for you on site. We will be happy to advise you - don't hesitate and simply give us a call with no obligation.

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